Upon the completion of my Honors degree at the center of creative arts and media,     I was to participate in a show called X Equals,  The space I was to use for my piece was the quadrangle in NUIG. Given this fact, I thought a suitable media would be audio, I mounted 8 speakers to one of the stone arches in the Quadrangle and played an audio score at 4 different intervals throughout each day for 2 weeks.


The Audio score was recorded in Menlo school, whereby I asked 8 friends to participate, we covered the surfaces of the school hall with various textured materials, and using brushes (that were miked ) we made various different sounds, I then edited the audio which strangely resembled an ocean, the score began slowly and repetitive and escalated to a more layered electronic and musical score towards its end.

Again similar to previous work, allowing the listener to consider familiar objects within a new context.

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