Control, Expectation, Displacement, isolation.

This installation speaks about dealing with feelings of displacement, loneliness

and isolation. This work invites and encourages the viewer to view another family with new eyes, perhaps finding similarities between this family and their own

Human relationships that oscillate between everyday reality and the domain of

the impossible captivate me. This work was inspired by personal experiences, which left me feeling that in order to function I needed to latch on to particular routines. In a struggle to reclaim control of at least a small aspect of my life after the loss of family members, I latched on to safe and reliable activities like drawing, or cleaning the house arranging the objects exactly as my mother had. This was an attempt to revert back to normality and clear the aftermath of all commotion. These routines helped me maintain consistency within my everyday life and preserve its standard pattern. I found that these activities distracted me during times of hardship and helped me

maintain a sense of control. Within my family life there were events that were out of my hands, events that could have not been prevented. We are conditioned from an early age to rely on our family and home. The fact that we will out live our parents is our expected role in life’s trajectory. Though this is not guaranteed, we expect our parents to remain alive for a large portion of our adult lives. Parents and my home provided me with a sense of safety and dependability. When these elements were lost,I was alone. The assured

safety was removed.In the book YOU ARE HERE:Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination, Steven S. Hall describes

home within the context of which I am speaking:


Home can literally be home, an abode, or our notion of family, or even a comfortable spot apart from our dwelling place, like work; whatever it is,home is where the lines are straight, the order clear, where even disorder seems predictable and the displacements tolerably temporary. And perhaps that is why when disorder invades the home. When illness, death, divorce or any dozen domestic estrangements disrupt the order our metaphors for ensuing emotional distress are so often geographical: we are lost, disoriented,have lost our bearings, we are at sea.” (pg.17)


The installation is my recollection a feeling of nostalgia within a dreamlike environment and rethinking what ‘home’ is. Home can be anywhere, not just the physical house but the idea of Home as an experience,sound, a plethora of feelings that when they are put together, they formulate a reflective experience and take you back to a specific moment in time.


The notion of constructing a landscape from something worn by the most

important people in my life was a comforting idea for me. The islands have my

parent’s essence in its soil, the houses are reminiscent of family members and the video is snippets of my parents living. This installation is a tribute to family and what home is-a feeling you can always return to.


Link to Thesis:MFA LSU

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