Some common threads running through my work are The mundane and altered presumptions. The idea of playing with the viewers belief of the world we live in is something I’m interested in.

I am interested in the investigation of human relationships between everyday reality and the domain of the impossible. Approximations between the surreal and unreal, incorporating ridiculous ideas and replacing rituals with obstacles. In some way giving us a hint at the credibility of human perception. The specific identity of the objects is lost but familiarity and commonplace are still maintained. A subtle but resonating lingering sense of anxiety, with an element of humour for the viewer is my aim, the success of the work will depend on my ability to engage the viewer, and their reaction to the obstacles thrown at them. In a sense on a small scale I am recreating a world for the spectator, that is both recognisable and alien to them. I will meddle with their carefully ordained patterned routines within their lives.

Everything had shattered. the fact that it was all still there- the walls and the chairs and the pictures on the walls- meant nothing. Every atom of it had blasted apart and reconstituted in an instant, and its appearance of permanence and solidity was laughable: it would dissolve at a touch for everything was suddenly tissue thin and friable.

Nobody had touched them. these familiar objects-  her phone, cigarette box, wallet- seemed like pieces of the woman herself, they might have been her fingers, her lungs

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