For this project I was thinking about artists like John Cage and Bruce Nauman and how they incorporated the use of audio within their work. I also read some Dadaist manifesto articles and liked the idea of re-mapping or tracing their ideas but making them my own – derivative of my experiences, and memories. I began to slice up the sentences taken from old vhs tapes creating new ones and layering my voice, my sisters and my late mothers voice over my fathers creating in some cases a sort of a sound score. During the slicing up and placement change of the words in to new potential sentences or makeshift conversations, I realised the words became strange and sometimes morphed in to what sounds like new words- further altering the ‘new’ sentences. In a sense I took a moment in time and altered it, re-editing and re-mapping a moment in time. One excerpt in particular is somewhat similar to a heart beat. This sample is created by layering every member of my family saying the word what.

Some common threads running through my work are the mundane and altered presumptions. I’m interested in the investigation of human relationships between everyday reality and the domain of the impossible.  I am recreating an auditory world for me, that is both recognisable and alien. Brutish and disconcerting but familiar and comforting.

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