altered presumptions. The idea of playing with the viewers belief of the world we live in is something I’m interested in. I am captivated by the investigation of human relationships between themselves, everyday reality and their beliefs Approximations between  the surreal and unreal, incorporating ridiculous ideas and sometimes replacing routines with unfamiliar scenarios, and altering peoples perception, of a specific idea.

A lingering sense of anxiety, with an element of humor for the viewer is my aim. the success of the work will depend on my ability to engage the viewer, and their reaction to the ideas derived from my lack of an understanding of a specific cultural idea.  At what point do strange things become normal and familiar? This is a question i asked myself time and time again while living in Louisiana. I find myself shocked and appalled at certain things or situations, Taxidermy is an incredibly foreign activity for me, i find myself wondering where does it stop, How many dead stuffed polar bears do we really need on campus ? Are all the Mikes going to exist as ornamental school spirit for eternity, and quite frankly why cant i use helium, or oatmeal to stuff them?

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