Media: Wood, Cardboard, paper tape, hardware.

   When I first moved to Louisiana from my home in Ireland, I had feelings of displacement. I was homesick. As my time in Louisiana continued I developed new feelings of admiration for both the place and the people I came to know. These feelings eventually got reversed so that when I was in Ireland I found myself missing Louisiana and the people there. Eventually, I no longer knew where I belonged. I felt as if I was in limbo. I didn’t seem to belong anywhere. This strange feeling is one that I am still coming to terms with.

Always be prepared to leave,, is a body of work dealing with anxiety, and panic. The installation is a series of cases, created for everyday objects, bed, mattress, pillows, cups, kettle etc. Both the construction of these cases and the installation  has a sense of urgency. Everything in it’s right case. The idea of always being prepared to leave, but in a really impractical way.

I do not desire perfection nor do I desire chaos or disorder. Basically I would like a steady path on the base line, but I keep finding myself below that line. In order to function I need security in my life. As Stephen S. Hall states;‘We need some secure oasis of order, even if only a memory (or a fiction), asa homeport for our various explorations, our attempts to make sense of the unknown This is the place we call home’. (Katherine Harmon pg17

The specific identity of these objects is lost but familiarity and commonplace are still maintained. Though the cases resemble the structure of these familiar objects, they do not function. They are useless representations of mundane objects. These cases are incredibly impractical, crude and bulky. In a sense on a small scale I am fabricating an absurd world for the spectator, which is both recognizable and alien to them. Disconcerting, but familiar and comforting. Approximations between the surreal, bizarre, dreamlike, phantasmagorical and the unreal.

Date: November 7, 2012

Client: ThemeRain

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